Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am still having problems trying to edit my photos but I will get around to it, it is a matter of remembering what to do and having time to do it.
It has rained all day today, just quietly and so far a bit more than 13mm which is wonderful for filling the rain water tanks and not being so heavy it washes the ground.
the first photo I took of the wet from inside the sitting room and was amused to see a little black pug face peering in at me when I took it.
I had wandered around the garden before the rain started just taking small photos of things in pots by the back door.
So some bedding begonias in a pot, a mix of geranium, and some herbs and a yellow nasturtium which is still flowering, shows how on the whole we have had a mild summer as usually they have died down by now. My pots are a bit messy but I havent been able to get a clear run at sorting them but now my knee is feeling so much better I hope to clean them up a bit soon.
Finally the rose Lamarque flowering her head off over the shed, such a lovely rose with a wonderful lemony scent.
I have carried on a bit about the Queensland floods on my other blog (on the side bar) so I wont say any more here except I dont know how people cope in those situations.


Hildred and Charles said...

Your flowers are very beautiful, - I sigh over them!!!

Caroline said...

Beautiful flowers, its so weird seeing your garden when everything here is under a foot of snow!
Missed you! Hope all is well, c

Anonymous said...

Wonderful flowers. It did my heart good to see them....we have snow on the ground here.
Is the black Pug yours...I adore Pugs had two fawn Pugs. I always called the canine clowns :)
Do you use Picasa? Picasa is a wonderful way to edit and sort photos.

Julie said...

Cute little Pug!!! I am so excited, Penny...I just rooted a few cuttings of white Begonia in water in my kitchen window! I stole the cuttings from the mall outdoor landscaping! I am so bad! I suppose this will become my new way of getting new plants! LOLOL.

Wanda..... said...

What a lovely view, Penny...inside and outside!