Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Here are some odds and sods of photos of the last day or so.
I have been busy but have also had time to finish off this little memory hanging of my mother, I dont know that it shows up all that well but apart from the backing it is now finished.
I was up at 5 am on the 31st and took these photos of the dawn sky, the sun wasnt quite up but I got sick of waiting and had hoses to turn on. They were threatening us - again(!) with catastrophic fire warnings, all of which once again came to nothing, not terribly hot, no high winds to speak of and the change came in early and dropped the temperature so we ended up with an almost cold New Years Eve. People are going to get fed up with the weather bureau and take no notice if they are not more accurate in future.
Then my Christmas lily by the bed room door, it has fallen over but was still quite spectacular in the early morning light. I remember having to hold these when about 5 at school for our nativity play, dressed in a sheet and on trestle tables, which one hot evening I then fainted and fell off.
The smell is quite powerful.
Waiting for the guests to arrive and have a drink outside before going in for dinner and finally my friend P serving up her contribution to the dinner, dessert which was a pavlova, then a frozen something and then berries and cream.
We managed to get the meal spread out so I served the main at 10 pm and although I have no photos the beef fillet wrapped in prosciutto with herbed butter and a wine sauce was very good, easy and went down well, thank goodness!
I think we only had a few minutes to go to midnight after the dessert.
A lovely night with old friends. Have to say though that as we all get older one wonders how much longer we can or will be doing this.
So my hope is for a relatively trouble free, health issue free year with a few nice surprises for 2011.
I would like to pass this wish on to all my blog friends.


annie said...

Lovely and delicate memory hanging of your mother, Penny. A treasure that will grow even more special over time.

Gaby Bee said...

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Healthy New Year and may all of your dreams come true for 2011!

Gaby xo