Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another small house

This is the front and the back of a fairly rough little house that I made today. I wanted to see how this sort would work as against the ones with four sides. I like this better.
I had trouble with my machines, and thread etc etc but I have finally got this little one together. I had fun playing with my machine stitches.
I was up early today and headed for Adelaide, here the temperature only got to about 25 degrees C but in Adelaide it was going for 39 so I went up and delivered a late Christmas present to my sister, took her in to town to pay a bill and was home after getting the mail (and forgetting the wine and the papers!) by a bit before 1pm.
We did go in later to the market where I wanted to get some fresh vegetables for tomorrow night. So the papers and the wine were collected then.
I am a little bit weary but the house is as good as it will ever be for tomorrow and I have the meat etc so another early trip in to do the weeks shopping tomorrow, better before the holiday makers get out of bed! The town is a nightmare otherwise.
I am being a little hit and miss posting at the moment, the house is keeping me busy and with 7 for dinner tomorrow night, I have to be organised.
Happy New Year!


annie said...

This is so adorable, Penny. I love it.

annie said...

Ooooops--And Happy New Year to you both.