Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Of baking and Jakaranda's and beetles

I have had a busy day today, baking, I havent got quite all I want to do done, but maybe I will manage a bit more tomorrow, depending on how the knee feels, I have been on it all day and it is not really liking me.
So the last boiled fruit cake, some biscotti and some plain biscuits are finished, the bread is still cooking, the washing is in, and I have been moving hoses all day.
Not that the weather is bad but our deep sand needs all the water it can get and so while I have it, I am making sure it gets it. I just hope the lawn mowing fellow comes tomorrow to cut as he is a week late and with all the rain we have had the kikuyu grass is going mad.
Yesterday we were in Adelaide, the jacaranda trees are late and have nearly finished, but I do love them so and this one was just opposite where we parked our car for the hairdresser, that wonderful blue.
I have also finished three more beetles. They are becoming addictive and I have a few more cut out and stuffed to take away with me.
the days are racing past and I need to sort a few more things before we leave on Sunday, not least leaving things for the house sitter so it (the house) doesnt look like a tip!


Robin Mac said...

Gosh Penny, I feel weak at the knees just reading what you have done! The baking looks yummy and the beetles are just as good as the others. I grew up with 16 jacarandahs in our garden - flowering time was so lovely, just a shame it was all before colour photography was around to capture it all. Cheers, Robin

Julie said...

Oh, lord, your baking looks devine!!! Those beetles are just amazing! You are such a wonderous woman!!!!! :)