Sunday, December 19, 2010

A wondrous moth and a very rough crossing.

Yesterday John brought this moth in, he was about 4 inches and very active and trying to take its photo was not easy. I assume he is one of the gum moths but so pretty.
Oh bother I have loaded these the wrong way.
I have spent the last two days packing and unpacking, sorting out the house for the sitter etc etc so I am now very tired and this morning as we headed over the peninsular for Cape Jervis it got damper and the wind was up and of course as we went down the hill to the ferry the white caps on Backstairs Passage were large and I knew I was in for a cold, damp and bumpy crossing. I sit up on deck facing the wind with as many clothes on as I can find, always prepared for this as sometimes the crossing to Kangaroo Island is calm and beautiful and sometimes it is like today, horrid. I had taken my sea sick pill and was fine but a lot who were around me were not. Not John he is fine and was down in the warm cabin. It took me ages to thaw out.
So a few shots, the first should be the last, is taken from the door of the holiday house looking at Hog Bay and the ferry berth.
The next is the other ferry which passed us at about the half way point, and then two taken from the ferry while it was berthed at Cape Jervis, it was pretty wild and windy, looking across to the island.
We called into the marked and bought some island produce and then as the house was still being cleaned went to visit our friend Bernard who has a wonderful glass gallery, I had lessons with him a few years ago and he does the most wondrous things with glass. I bought a stunning glass heart pendant.
Two more galleries to call into on the way back, one was a new one with some really great paintings by an artist who did some really good paintings of places on the Island as well as other places, his name is Richard Musgrave-Evans, one he had done of water reflections in the Chapman River was outstanding.
So we are here, re grouping and eventually I will hang the clothes up, all the other important things have been done.
Happy holidays!


Sally Westcott said...

Awesome Photos Penny! I hope you are warm and dry again!


Robin Mac said...

Sorry you had such a rough crossing Penny - hopefully it will be calm when you go home. Have a lovely holiday, enjoy Christmas with your friends. cheers, Robin