Thursday, December 23, 2010

Collection and the Raptor display

I have been collecting a few shells, although a lot of the beaches here are pretty rough so not too many shells, but the one in front of us has shells whenever I walk.
this morning we headed over to where the Raptor display is held as we had heard it was good. A reasonable price and nicely set up they had owls and hawks and eagles, and a few other birds trained to sit on peoples gloved hands. I really liked the barn owl who hopped from knee to knee in the front row and I took a photo of it sitting on Johns knee before it hopped onto mine. We could run the back of our hands down them, it was sooo soft. I have a huge thing about owls and have quite a collection of ceramic ones at home.
The first photo was of a little Nankeen kestrel, I had one for quite a time in the house near the back door until we released it, a lovely little thing who used to put the wind up visiting sales men.
The big owl, a barking or screaming owl was magnificent and then the wedge tail eagle, he is our largest eagle in Australia and this was only a young one, and today he wasnt being terribly cooperative!
All in all our $10 each was well spent.
We had friends in for dinner last night, and tonight more in for drinks tonight, we are being quite social, and trying to remember what the oven does can be rather interesting! All went well though and it is always lovely to catch up.

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annie said...

I have never been to such a display, Penny, and I am amazed. What fun to be able to get close to them. An owl siting on my knee would be something that I would always remember. Thanks for sharing these great moments with us. And a Merry Christmas to you both.