Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An 84th Birthday, returning from the Island, last dinner and a weevil

Boxing day I forgot to take my camera, shock horror I never forget it. We went for a walk on a beach in drizzle and called in on someone who wanted to talk to John about one of the boards he is on. We had a slow day and didnt eat or drink too much. I began packing as we were on the early ferry home, we had to be there by 8 am and it left early. We just made it.
It happened to be the work ferry and unfortunately had the smelliest load of uncovered rubbish on a huge truck and no where could I get away from the smell! And I get sea sick and need to be outside, luckily the roll wasnt too bad and we were back on the mainland earlier than we expected.
We arrived home and I unpacked the ute and John raced in, in my car to collect the cat, and unfortunately not his computer.
I unpacked the kitchen stuff, and then had to change as we had been invited to John's fishing mates 84th Birthday lunch, all with friends and it was glorious, the best food (he owns one of the best restaurants in McLaren Vale and the food is bliss.)
We left late and were home around 6pm and the dogs were fed, and Oscar, and we ate nothing, we didnt need to!
Early to bed and today it has been just as bad. I have spent most of the day unpacking and washing.
The beetle? Well it is some sort of weevil and was at least an inch long and was walking on the sand hills as we left the beach after our final walk, as John said if he had seen those tracks he would have thought it was a lizard not a beetle. Arnt they wonderful?

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ArtPropelled said...

Lovely weevil tracks in the sand. I bet you are looking forward to getting back to normal after all the Christmas rush. I am!!