Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

A few bits and pieces, the day has not ended yet, and we will be having duck for dinner tonight, we had prawns and salad and oysters kilpatrick for lunch, with lovely bubbles.
A walk this morning over to lovely Pennington Bay where the water is the most unbelievable blue. My knee coped well with the steps and soft sand I am happy to report.
We awoke to humid weather and some rain early, the mainland, last photo, was very misty and odd looking from the front door.
I made the little fabric house yesterday, I think this is a prototype as I didnt realise it would be so big or so squashy, need to re think the lining, and I really was only playing to see how it would turn out. Just used the very basic stitches on my little pfaff hobby machine too.
So far a lovely day, the duck will be eaten late as we dont need much more food for ages!


Julie said...

Love your little fabric house! It is so cute! Beautiful photos of your beach there!!! Merry Christmas!

Val said...

hi Penny! thanks for visiting mine :) we are just cooking lunch now and its a sweaty business but otherwise beautiful day. I hope your day was perfect in everyway too. Love the squashy house xxV

fabriquefantastique said...

Our day is just beginning here in Ontario. Dinner will be at about 4 pm....goose, lots of veggies and Christmas pud....only about a million calories a mouthful.
Merry Christmas!!!

annie said...

Can't stop thinking about your duck, Penny.....Charming and cozy little fabric house...and duck....and you know how much I always love your landscapes. These lift my heart...
I have never cooked duck, guess I should learn for next Christmas.

ArtPropelled said...

Happy Christmas Penny! Our weekend has been cool and drizzly.... which is so much better than sizzling as we usually do most Christmases. Lovely little/big house you made! Happy to hear your knee is behaving.