Monday, December 20, 2010

flowers and a walk on the beach

This morning I picked these flowers, for those in the northern hemisphere I thought you might like this bright bunch.
It has been pretty grey and overcast all day, we walked to the shops this morning and met old friends from here and at home! Half the world goes through Penneshaw.
I bought some cheap second hand books and some food and a wooden spoon for the house, although we will probably have enough for an army and we dont have an army to feed.
Any way that was walk one and this evening we had a quiet stroll along the beach, if you enlarge the fourth photo you will see John, he had a phone call and was way behind me. The second photo is of the sand hills we go through to the beach, then the third is one of the Islands blue wrens, I think they had a good breeding season as there are lots, they are a bit different to my home ones, longer and slimmer, mine are small and round, these are also a lot tamer.
Then walking across the sand was a dung beetle, leaving lovely tracks in the sand.
A lovely day for me, I made some fabric paper and am doing some sewing on my slow cloth Christmas hanging that Jude Hill was doing, mine is going very slowly!
John spent most of the day cursing his 2 (!!) computers that he brought here to upgrade and do other things, only to find he cant upgrade but will have to buy the newer version of quick books. He is not a happy chappy.
The knee is not hurting, I am probably gaining even more weight, we are eating and drinking well, but what are holidays for.
I am starting to relax.
(Click on photos to enlarge).


ArtPropelled said...

Such great news that your knee is not hurting Penny. Glad you are unwinding and enjoying yourself.

Robin Mac said...

Keep enjoying your holiday, hope the weather stays good for you. Lovely photos as usual. Cheers, Robin

Julie said...

Lovely bouquet Penny!!! Isn't plant life at the beach so different and interesting??? I love to find succulents there. Good news about your knee! :)