Friday, December 03, 2010

Mail, thunderstorms and Darling

In the mail yesterday came this wonderful parcel from Chris Gray, the generosity of bloggers never fails to amaze me.
I am going to take them with me for some quiet stitching over Christmas.
Yesterday while the thunder was grumbling and carrying on and dumping its rain else where I took these photos from the garden. It is very humid and warm today not comfortable weather at all.
I am not doing a lot so that is good, just some hand sewing and bending of beetles legs.
Darling is finished, I didnt take a before photo and nor is there one of her with her new skin on, I made it so it looks as if she has a fancy little body suit on and found some already made clothes so she is just waiting for Millie to collect her.
I have had a devil of a time trying to get myself onto face book. I dont know if this is for me or not but I felt I would like to keep up with what the girls are doing, they post photos I never see there, and suddenly there are a raft of people wanting to be friends. I have signed up with a few but I dont really think I have the time for all this chat, I prefer my blog as a diary and maybe that is what I will go back to, or just be a lurker.
I am taking advice and trying not to do too much but that still involves walking from room to room, and at the moment I cant find my ear wires which is a nuisance as I wanted to get some ear rings done, having moved every thing out of my workroom, I am still looking for things and am in a terrible muddle. I wonder if searching every which place is counted as resting?


Linda said...

You got further than I did with Facebook. I can't be bothered with it. Two blogs are enough!

Hildred and Charles said...

Having spent the whole morning searching for things for a gentleman's research, I don't think you can count that as rest, Penny. As to Facebook, sometimes you see more than you want to on those pages, I find. Different generations, but you do keep up with the girls!

Robin Mac said...

I am having just as much trouble with facebook Penny - I want to keep up with photos of the family, but I am waiting for my daughter-in-law to come and talk me through the jargon! I don't understand it and like you I would much rather blog, but the younger members of my family all use facebook!!!! Hope your leg gets better soon, I was amused by your comments about John in a supermarket on your other blog - Bill won't even go near one if he can possibly avoid it. Cheers,Robin