Sunday, December 12, 2010

Waiting for Father Christmas, and a walk

I had a bit of a giggle at this set up in our shopping centre on Saturday, with no one there. I had to take a photo.
I went for a walk this morning as we were expecting a new foal and there she was in the furthest corner of the paddock.
She is the little one with the chestnut mare. These are a bit out of order. the sky and view from the bottom of the house paddock, then my Champion Section B Welsh mare and her lovely filly foal, the new baby, a little Section A Welsh . and finally my Cob mare with her Section C filly foal who is owned by my grand daughter Fenella, the start of her Welsh C stud.
I walked a bit further than I meant to, and then had to go out to a Christmas lunch but I found a chair and sat and then had people coming to join me which was lovely.
Then a cold wind came up, we were outside and I came home frozen and slept for two hours! I never sleep during the day, but we had a very disturbed night last night with high winds and the power going on and off.
We did prove you can still see to read by a candle but I dont much like doing it as it is quite dangerous.
Click to enlarge the photos.


Sophie Munns said...

Lovely images Penny. (well... the first was curious... the others looked quite wonderful!) The storms sound rather disquieting... and I saw that you have been feeling a little poorly with that knee giving you trouble.
I hope you are feeling much better soon!
I added a couple of pages as a thank you to the bloggers who went in the cal out for homage to the Seed postcards... so you can now see your card designs in a book I have just put together.
Seasons greetings to you Penny!

ArtPropelled said...

The first thing I noticed was how spotlessly clean your shopping centres are. How wonderful to have new babies born so regularly. Your horses are beautiful and must give you such a lift as you walk about the farm.

annie said...

Gorgeous animals, Penny. As ArtPropelled says it must give you such a lift to see them around the farm. Hope that knee improves.


fabriquefantastique said...

Oh...just look at that little foal