Wednesday, December 08, 2010

evening storms building

Got these a little bit out of order. My Grevillia robusta is flowering well and the many parrots and small honey eaters are enjoying the blossom. this is the last photo.
The firwst one shows a little bit of the tree and the garden by the back gate with the potato creeper flowering well. I just liked this composition.
As with all my photos click on them to get a larger picture.
We could hear the grumblings of thunder to the north and east of us and after the hens were fed and the dogs I went out before the rain started to take some photos of the sky.
We didnt have the destructive amounts of rain that other parts of the State had thank goodness, 18 mm of quite gentle stuff fell from about 4 pm and over night.
It smells lovely and the crickets last night were singing their hearts out.
to day I havent done a huge amount except domestic stuff, and I have the first fruit cake in the oven. Three more of these to do and I hope some biscuits, although I find standing for too long makes, guess what, my knee ache. They did say 3 weeks and it is not yet 2 so I suppose I am being terribly impatient.
I finished off a few more beetles last night, and maybe will make up a few more bodies to take with me to stitch on the Island when we go. They are such fun to make.


Wanda..... said...

The middle photo of the clouds is your views!

Rowan said...

Very atmospheric sky photos, sounds as though you got the perfect sort of rain too.