Sunday, December 05, 2010

In the garden an hour ago

John has been fishing and I have been writing Christmas cards and also moving the hoses around. It is still hot and muggy but so far no rain for us, although there are still thunderstorms about but not for us.
I took the camera out on the last move and this bark is off the lemon scented gum isnt it wonderful? It had also dropped a large branch but it was too heavy for me to move.
A bit further down in the border here are the last of my siberian irises, correctly if I am wrong, it is a long time ago that I planted these, I love this particular one with its bronze and purple flowers.
A bit further down the mock orange is flowering and the red alstromeria is having a fine show. More irises there to dead head.
I did far too much yesterday when I went shopping and paid for it so I have been reasonably quiet today but I must go and feed the dogs and bring in the washing, at least I dont have to do dinner, Sunday night is John's pasta night, even though he is tired from his fishing trip. Oscar is happy, he has fish, I think there is enough for us tomorrow night for dinner but only just.


Hildred and Charles said...

I think the lemon scented gum is so lovely, - there is a beautiful depth to the colours, and well, I just love it!! YOur Iris are pretty too, Penny, - take care!

Doreen G said...

Wow Penny that gum trunk is amazing and what beautiful colours.

Linda said...

This is a new tree for me - I doubt it would like our conditions, but I love the concept of a lemon scented tree.