Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tour down Under at Pt Willunga

It was a magic day yesterday at Pt Willunga. We had a lunch date and were there in time to see both parts of the Tour as it passed just near the friends holiday house we were lunching at.
Helicopters, cycles, they go so fast you have no hope of seeing or trying to pick out an individual, I have no idea who these were.
We left early to get there before the road closures and it was one of those magic days, the beach looked stunning and the tide was way out, the colour of the sea was incredible.
Lovely to sit and catch up with some of the younger generation and not feel quite so old!
A good lunch and a lovely summers day.
The photos of the beach are for V, enlarge and enjoy.

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virginia said...

Hi Pen!

Thanks so much. What wonderful colours and hardly more people than 60 years ago in January! What a lovely colour the sea is. It's a bit different from here which, although beautiful in its own way has very muted colours. It always reminds me of 'I love a sunburnt country'. It's 1° here today and the river is flooded. The ships can't go on the river Rhine and the Elbe has burst its banks. But nothing as bad as Oz. I hope that it's improving by now and hasn't reached the Murray. Diana sends love. I had lunch with her yesterday. lots of love to you and John, Virginia