Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Sorry about the repeat birds, I had trouble identifying the different shots I had taken
This morning we were up bright and early to go into the Australia Day celebrations, a very dear friend of ours and her husband were our areas recipients of the local awards, they certainly deserved it and Bettyanne made the most of it. She is a darling. New Mayor made a good job of it, always interesting to see how they get on.
We had a coffee afterwards with friends and then came home to a seafood salad and a bottle of wine under the glory vine by the house. While we sat and chatted I took numerous photos of the birds and the garden around where we sat.
The honeyeater was catching insects, what a good fellow.
The peacock watched what was going on from his perch and finally I have a vaguely reasonable photo of one of the many little male blue wrens who with their drab little wives inhabit my garden.
The hydrangeas are out in full flower. I seem not to have got some of the other photos of the garden in, oh well I am not terribly good at making these composite photos.
With any luck if you click on it it will enlarge, probably enough for you to see that John has a mouthful of chocolate!
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Hildred and Charles said...

Happy Australia Day, - I enlarged your picture and it looks so inviting, - and all the birds make it appear even more inviting and delightful. I remember celebrating Australia Day with an Aussie airforce friend who was training in Canada during the war - he charmed my family with the way he sang Mares Eat Oats, with an Aussie accent. Such a nice boy...

Wanda..... said...

Happy Australian Day! Your composite photo looks like one I just posted, had a few repeats in it too, but they are both fine.

Rowan said...

Hope you enjoyed Australia Day. I confess I never think about it and wouldn't even know the date if I was asked - I always know Anzac Day though because it's my daughter's birthday and when she was born my aunt wrote to tell me she'd been born on Anzac Day - April 25th.

Rowan said...

Forgot to add that my aunt was Australian of course - she emigrated from the UK in 1927 and sadly I never met her.