Friday, January 07, 2011

Summer beach walking

Here is one of the little hooded plover which has a proportion of the beach fenced off as it has a nest. My new camera does make taking these photos a lot easier.
The cockle train was coming along by the beach just as we were going down the ramp so I stopped and took photos, as you can see it is very close to the beach.
The swamp at the end of the river, it is no longer flowing out to sea although fresh water is seeping through the sand.
We almost got sun burnt on our walk today. A bit later than we wanted to be as I had to see the surgeon who did my knee, my post op appointment. He tells me the tear in the meniscus was a 20 year olds tear, not an over 60, I didnt like to tell him it was actually an over 70 year old but he tells me it should be ok for a while although now there is no more meniscus I dont really have a cushion there any more.
Very hot and humid and most uncomfortable.
After spending most of the day working out photos on the computer I think I just may have won. I hope so. John said I was having too many problems with the adobe starter edition so now I am seeing what else works for me.
Swollen feet and the one I badly bruised the other day is not happy. Heavens above I just get over one thing and another rears its ugly head!
Millie and Tabby came for dinner last night and we had a lovely time and Millie went home with more 'stuff'. A dolls bed and several dolls I had forgotten I had. Not sure Tab was quite so pleased about it all but Millie was ecstatic.
She really is beginning to chat and I think enjoyed being the center of attention. Of course I forgot to take photos we were having so much fun.

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Hildred and Charles said...

I see the train, Penny, but what is a 'cockle train'?

So sorry about your limb problems - not good for mobility but do hope they will improve with time.