Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well not strictly but the first is a collection of beach found rocks that is gradually building up, I always seem to come home with a rock of some sort, today it was one that was heart shaped and one like a dinosaurs tooth.
The beach threw up this collection of kelp and sea grass onto the beach, it looked very photogenic.
Then there was a collection of bubbles and froth as we walked this morning. As the last photo shows it was cold and a bit damp and there was a strong wind blowing, so different to yesterdays wonderful morning of blue sky and still seas.
It has mizzled all day today and I have had to find a wind cheater to wear, it happens but I wasnt expecting it.
We talked this morning to friends in Queensland, they are not in danger of floods but are cut off from the main towns and are wondering if and when any new supplies will get into their small community. Luckily being people who have lived in the bush all their lives they keep a well stocked kitchen even now they are retired and in a coastal area.
The floods have been absolutely horrendous, I have been hearing horror stories of people with ponies and horses watching from the roofs of their houses as they were swept downstream. It all happened so suddenly and there was no warning especially in the Lockyer Valley and now they are telling a huge number of people in the Brisbane area to evacuate to higher ground, but as one man holding a baby said, where is the higher ground? 3/4 of the State of Queensland is under flood alert, places are having 100 mm in an hour, the whole State is saturated and it will take weeks for the floods to go down and there is more rain to come. It is a disaster of unimaginable proportions and I am not sure if they are ready for it.
Droughts for years and now this.

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fabriquefantastique said...

unusual images.....best of luck to your country men in the flood area

Robin Mac said...

Like your images as usual. You are right, the flood situation is unimaginably horrible. Thanksfully most of our family and friends are okay, but we have one group of friends on the river in Brisbane who are starting to lift everything as they may have to evacuate. We are isolated here too, but high and dry. Some mail is coming through by air, but no road or rail so not much in the supermarkets. Can't complain though, we still have a house.