Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Last night and walking the beach

We had a lovely night last night, warm and almost no breeze so far better sitting on the friends balcony than being at home. (There it was terribly hot and we had to have the airconditioner on all night).
I took these photos as the last light was in the sky, some one went passed in a small boat dabbing for garfish a bit later. Dont you like the round about sign, it shows up well.
Then the morning before we walked early and mostly what we saw were birds, a young Pacific Gull watching a grey crane and some seagulls, the crane oblijingly stood for me.
We were in Adelaide today, terribly hot there although apparently the cool change came in here at about 9.30 am, it is still not terribly comfortable as it has got humid.
Dogs are fed, dinner to organise. I do hope my friend V is ok, she is having a new knee put in today, I am thinking of her. Germany is so far away.

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