Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines day weaving

This is part of Jude Hills class, a Valentines day weaving, it has taken me ages to do, but here it is finally waving in the breeze in my garden under the vine where we eat.
the close up shows some of the hand stitching I did better than on the large one.
The background was mostly from my beloved cotton Yukata bought at least 15 years ago in japan, something I have worn and worn and now is falling apart so what better place to use it but in a Boro cloth.
Some of the flowers have faded to almost white and some hidden in the seams are almost as new.
The heart is silk and dyed cotton and cotton velvet.
I am thoroughly enjoying this class but I am very slow and that is what I like about it, so lots more to play with in the future.
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Wanda..... said...

The Boro cloth is beautiful, Penny...loved that you recycled your Yakata into it. Also loved the prvious photos of Mason, especially the 2nd one from the bottom right...such a special look on his very cute face!

virgen3 said...

Delightful work as always, thank you for sharing, you are such an inspiration. I understand your feeling that there is so much to do and so little time, so I'm off to the studio and leaving the cobwebs!!!

Downunderdale said...

looking wonderful Penny - you have too much energy!
Happy anniversary as well

Julie said...

How neat! I love this idea of weaving big strips of cloth...hmmm...may have to try it somehow!!!

Joy said...

I love your creativity here! I have thought of making little flags to hang on the front of my house (on the front porch so it would be protected somewhat from rain). Your project is inspiring me!