Saturday, February 12, 2011

Morning walk

A small mosaic of photos I took this morning on our cold and windy walk, there were small yachts in the bay having a lovely time buzzing around. Not too many walkers with dogs, not too many walkers at all.
I had been to the market and John had collected the papers.
We came home windswept and cool, I even heard currawongs calling this morning and in some places the belladonna lillies are flowering, does this mean an early autumn?
I have no doubt we will have a lot more heat some time, but oh I would love it to be cooler and pleasant.
I am playing with things but not a lot of them are finished, and I dont feel like pushing it too much.
I am not having a lot of luck with what I am doing in one of my on line classes and I am finding that pretty frustrating.
Now I have the new computer I hope tomorrow to get in to see what I can do with Gimp, not today, I am still recovering from the last week.
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ArtPropelled said...

Looking at your photomosaic I feel as though I've been on the walk with you. I'm also hoping Autumn will come early. Bracing myself for the heat that has been held back by all the rain.

annie said...

Lovely sea, Penny. As ArtPropelled says, we feel as if we've been walking with you.


Linda said...

That looks like a great start to the day, even if it was cool.

I had to look up what a currawong was - we don't have them in Scotland!