Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ship finished and this mornings walk

I think I may make a flotilla of these, love them and I would like to try my hand at a galleon, but not sure if I am clever enough. She is sailing in the breeze from the air conditioner under one of my Victorian hanging lamps at the moment aned I like to look at her as I go past and think how clever I am. Actually it is not me but Ann Wood who is on my side bar, she has to be clever as Wood was my maiden name.
this morning after shopping at the market and before I did the weeks shop, we parked the car by the caravan park and walked the bike track across the Inman River, this is a new sign that has been put up, I think if you click and enlarge it will be more visible.
Then the view down the river, it is not going out to sea but at the moment there is a nice amount of water and we saw some ducks and a black rabbit, wretched things have a burrow on the banks and of course as this is reserve all around, nice grass to eat although the neighbourhood dogs might give them a fright.
As you can see anchored just off the end of the water in the sea there is a yatch moored, I take its photo a lot, it is so nice to see it, one day perhaps I will paint or sketch it.
Today it is cool and rain is dripping, well it probably isnt rain but I did get a bit wet wandering out to feed the hens and the dogs. It was a lovely morning for a walk too, not wet then but a lovely cool breeze.
It has been hot and humid lately and the older I get the less I like the heat and especially the humidity.
I had a friend over for lunch yesterday, a nice change as it doesnt happen very often, we had a very late lunch as Sarah took us out to see the ponies and the foals, seeing them all at once does make one realise how many there are! Some very nice ones out there.
Tonight we are out to dinner, Tabby's John is home but going back tomorrow so we have been invited to join them for a roast which will be lovely.
Better go and get ready.
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Hildred and Charles said...

What a nice time you have been having, - love your ship, and the yacht down by the shore.