Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anniversary lunch

Where has yesterday gone! Looking after small Mason who at 2 is into everything is making me tired and last night was the first time I have been to beading in about a year and then there was mason agin this morning!
Any way a few photos of my lunch, the stuffed fig, my stargazing fish, and my affogato with frangelico!
The last photo is of the view we saw as we walked back to the car, trying to get rid of some of those calories.
I have not very much to report, I have been so flat out tring to keep a 2 year old entertained, he is very sweet but doesnt stay still for more than half a minute, and talk! Not that I understand a lot of it but he doesnt stop.
Gaby drove me to and from home today so she is getting a bit more driving in, I only put my foot flat to the floor once today. It is so long since I went through this with my children, hard to believe that Simon will be 50 tomorrow, it seems only the other day he was a tiny baby.
The weather has been kind to us for the last few days, cool and pleasant. I have had a bit of time to play around with making paper casts and making utee moulds and making a few disasters as well. (The embossing enamel did not do what it was supposed to and went every where!)
At beading I managed to get 2 pairs of earrings made and started making up a ufo that would have to be at least 12 if not more months old. Going in once a week does at least get me motivated. I will try and take some photos.
I am also doing a sketching class with Ailsa Burke and have finally worked out how to see her videos. I was getting a bit frustrated before that I couldnt get them to work.
Now to find time to do a bit more needle felting, that is what one of the paper casts is for.
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Suztats said...

oh, yummy lunch! Little ones are so tiring, you must have tons of energy to do you art, too!

Wanda..... said...

Your anniversary lunch was extrordinary with that star gazing fish!!!