Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the garden

It is hotter today, after quite a heavy morning fog, such odd weather, they are threatening us with thunderstorms this afternoon.
Yesterday Mason and I picked apples and then I took some photos in the garden, my orange crucifix orchid is flowering, I have a lovely mauve one of these but it is always later. Next to it the orange canna with the lovely striped leaves is positively glowing and the yellow ginger is just starting to flower.
Mason thinks this is all a bit boring and is much more interested in the dogs and the pea cocks, here Maggie the black pug is trying to be friendly but Mason isnt too sure of her, she is quite heavy and has sharp claws.
We had a shorter day today which I am enjoying and trying to catch up on a back log of emails and blogs, then I hope a small rest as it is beading tonight and I have been trying to get my head around tubular herringbone stitch and so far it hasnt sunk in, may be I will look for a simpler pattern to do!

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annie said...

Lovely flowers, Penny, but what tickles me the most is the way Mason is looking at Maggie and her claws.

Hildred and Charles said...

Your cannas are gorgeous, Penny, - I am going to watch for the ginger variety when it comes times to plant some here, - they put on such a tremendous show, - a lovely chorus line when they are in the back of the garden.

Joy said...

That is a wonderful photo of Mason and Maggie.