Thursday, February 24, 2011

The garden this morning and yesterday walk

I went out early this morning and took some photos of the front bit of garden, with all the rain we have had everything is looking very luxurious. The gaura and sedums in particular are just coming into their own. I struggle normally with this garden as it is deep sand and fhas a huge and lovely lemon scented gum right next to it.
John keeps on threatening me with the gum falling on the house but it is such a glorious tree and the lemen scent is very powerful at certain times.
We walkeed this morning, a different walk but I cant put these up so I have a lovely one of the old groynes when we walked yesterday. I love the way the wood has weathered.
Still hearing terrible tales from Christchurch, I still cant believe it, I have been there many times, both judging ponies and a jumping off point for skiing, we always spent a day or so exploring or looking at the lovely botanic gardens, and really nothing much seems to be so far coming out about the area around Lyttleton where the epicenter was.
I think it will take years before they get back on their feet again and many may not want ot live their any more, and they relie so heavily on tourists. I love the South Island it is such a magnificent place, but obviously a lot shakier than we ever thought.
I sometimes curse the fact that here in the south of central Australia we are prone to droughts and heat, but I think in the long run even bushfires are better than floods and earthquakes.

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annie said...

I love the collage, too, Penny. Those Heron wings are gorgeous. But I think that birds must use up so much energy defending territories. Must make them have to eat twice as much.

I hurt for Christchurch. Our friends survived with help from their friends and neighbors and we are all so grateful. But it sounds heartbreaking there. I hope no more Aftershocks to deal with. I am scared enough of tornandoes and drought fires, here, but I would have a harder time living with earthquakes. There are so many countries that are part of that Ring of Fire and people have the possibility of earthquakes hanging over their heads.

Joy said...

I wish I could go to that beach and walk along the shore. The surf looks wonderfully refreshing. Your collage is quite nice.