Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaby's Birthday and the morning walk

Yesterday was Gaby's 19th Birthday so last night we went out to dinner at the Beach Hut, a family friendly pizza place, Tab, Gaby, Celina, Mason, Millie and John and I. I lovely night although it was all a bit noisy.
I couldnt get a decent photo of Gaby, this was the best of a bad lot with her sister Celina and Mason in the high chair,(before it got taken away for another child, even though we had booked it, a long story!)
This morning with aching joints we walked over at Pt Elliot, we havent been there for ages, a very low tide but rough seas.
It has still been cool so a nice time to walk over the rocky path. Definitely a cool weather walk.
I was going to do another mosaic but I may do that at another time.
I cleaned the house this morning, having washed the floors before we went walking. I have Mason again next week, so I need to be prepared!
As you can see from the photos, a rough sea and the rocks out there really exposed, the lovely colours on the granite and exposed weed covered rocks. I dont think I have seen such a low tide for ages.
On the whole a nice day, but I would like more time to play.

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Karen said...

Love the kelp covered one the best. Happy belated to Gaby.