Sunday, February 06, 2011

Near Mundoo and the River Murray mouth

This morning was cool and lovely so John and I went along to look at the Mundoo Channel, across to Clayton and the Murray mouth from Hindmarsh Island.
John was going fishing but the wind was a bit too rough so it was called off, I was so pleased.
We had a lovely walk through the samphire flats and saw birds, and grasses and sandhills and it was absolutely beautiful. I took lots of photos but one of the best was seeing this large flock of Cape Barren Geese who are native to the area grazing in a paddock.
It was so lovely to see so much water in the lake and the river, of course with so much rain and water in the north it will soon be flooding I think.
My computer is going in to be fixed tomorrow so I will have to use the tiny one, so my blogging may be a bit patchy. On top of that I will have Gaby and Mason out this week to help for an hour or so each day as Sarah needs some help with the ponies.
It is also our wedding anniversary tomorrow, 52 years! Oh my!
We are going out for lunch.

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Wanda..... said...

Happy 52nd Wedding Anniversary to you both, Penny!

annie said...

How splendid, Penny, 52 years! Congratulations to you both.


Suztats said...

Wow! 52 years!! Have a Fantastic Anniversary.

Robin Mac said...

Congratulations - we make 43 years on Wednesday, but you started so young! Wonderful to see some water coming into the mouth of the Murray at last. Cheers