Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nearly 12 months ago

My mother died on Friday night, almost made it to her 98th Birthday but not quite.
It was a terrible last few days and now we are all so glad that it is over for her and for us.
She had a wonderful life, made it to being a great great grandmother.
We are celebrating that life next month with a family get together and I hope most of her grand children and great grand children came come.
I will miss her but dont feel sad as it was a huge relief and a not easy way to die.
I think that euthanasia could be the way to go.
My sisters and I packed up everything yesterday, not that there was much any more, I did the last minute arrangements with the funeral people, have to do the last minute things on Wednesday.
She will be cremated privately next week and then we will as I said scatter her ashes where she wished them to be.
I will not remember her as I last saw her, but as I remember her, the elegant vibrant woman who loved life and her family.


Sally Westcott said...

Ah Penny! My thoughts are with you. My Mum had a similar passing in April. Her last week was hell! I just wanted to tell the doctors to give her a break!

Enjoy the family time remembering her as she was! And be kind to yourself!

Think a huge cyber hug


ArtPropelled said...

Penny, I will be thinking of you as you go through the motions, sorting out and getting over the last painful week. I know the feeling of relief. We don't want to see our loved ones suffer. Hold on to that image of your mom .... the elegant vibrant woman who loved life and her family. Sending love and hugs.

kay susan said...

So sorry - it's so very hard to lose a loved one...

Michael said...

As you said, she had a great life, a long life and will be much remembered. You are certainly a big clan at laest by my measures. I lost my mother when I was 30 and she 66. I miss all of you in Australia terribly and I will never forget the wonderful time I spent with you and your warm hospitality, now almost 25 years ago. Give my best to John and your children as I knew them then.
Lots of hugs and love fr Sweden!

Michael said...

Sorry it says Michael but it is men Ingrid who´s writing. Ingrid WingĂ„rd of Sweden, but we share the same account Michael and I.
My family is small with one choild, Vincent born -98. but instead we have about 8 toypoodles.
(info fr Ingrid)

Robin Mac said...

Oh Penny, I shall be thinking of you during this week. The one good thing about funerals of older people is the family reunion which can happen - we all said how much my mother would have enjoyed the get together we had after her funeral! We were also lucky in that the doctor increased the morphine at the end when her heart would just not stop - a great blessing after ten days of dying. Hugs again from Robin

Wanda..... said...

Such a lovely photo and a beautiful way to remember your mother, Penny. I hope you and your family find comfort in each other.

annie said...

Penny, dear Penny, I am so sorry for the pain that you have been suffering while watching your mother's slow good bye to what had been a wonderfully loving and vibrant life.

I think what sustains all of us is that our loved ones are suffering no longer and are at peace. You and your family have special memories of her to share. Thanks for sharing yours with us here.

Cyber hugs from me too,

Doreen G said...

My thoughts are with you Penny at this time and I pray that your mother is at peace at last.
Take care dear friend and stay strong.

Hildred and Charles said...

Penny, - I am thinking of you and your sorrow mixed with relief. Goodbyes are so hard, but after your Mum's long life and the painfulness of her passing I can surely understand your ambivalent feelings.

Take comfort in your memories and the love your family has for each other.

My mother died when I was 33 and she was 55, so it has been many long years ago, but the fragrance of my memories of her still bring me pleasure.

Gail P said...

Sending more hugs. I must remember to get a photo of mom and me together, it's been years . . .

Karen said...

My best wishes are for you at this time Penny and I hope the transition is an easy one for you, God bless.

downunderdale said...

Penny - I am sorry to hear your news - it is the end of an era for you - I was away and have only just got to read your blog - keep well and keep on keeping on!
Love Dale