Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orchids, freesias and cloth

These big dendrobium speciosum orchids which are native to rainforests in the eastern states of Australia are all coming in to flower, at the moment they are on the front terrace above frost level, not sure if we will get some shade cloth for them for summer or do what we normally do and transfer them under the red cedar tree, they are getting rather large, some years they flower well some not so well, they will be spectacular this year.
I picked the yellow freesias this morning, not a lot out in my soggy garden but these are coming.
I am making these, beetles, they are in the latest Australian Embellish magazine, not finished, they need quite a lot more doing to them but have been fun to do, I am embroidering them and then they need legs. Designed by Penny Eamer.
Some people are so clever!
The last photo is of a piece of silk, I dont normally dye but am coming to this a bit, this one was done with onion skins and then placed in jars with some rusted objects and left in the sun. I love the different colours and patterns. I havent had much luck with cotton but silk is lovely. I have some in some boiled carrot tops and they have gone a brilliant yellow! They are still sitting there. Of course I am not sure what I am going to do with them but something will come along.
So I am being busy, and now have a lot of things to do, and unfinished things I want to finish, and I still havent done my TAST for this week or last week!!


Julie said...

Will you show upo your bugs when you are finished with them??? They are adorable!!!

Hildred and Charles said...

I love your onion skin and rusty nail silk, - perfect!

And your little bugs, Penny. Be sure and post them when they are finished!

Wanda..... said...

The beetles look very promising, Penny!