Monday, September 06, 2010

Thank you and a wild week end

Thank you to all who came from out of blogland, some like Ingrid who stayed with is so many years ago and I really wasnt sure if she followed my blog or not, my very very old from pre school days friend Virginia and those who I have met through their blogs and mine. You dont know how much it meant to me and John and my family.
Here are a few photos of the mayhem that also followed us on Friday and Saturday, flooding rain and gale force winds, some photos taken while we were driving home through such rain and the huge fallen tree in the Cob stallions yard, snapped off at the base and down over fences and olives.
I just loved this woman trying to get 2 lots of balloons into her car in the wet, I was a bit slow getting the one of her trying to get them in the back and having to give up. The lights turned before I saw the final outcome, I think they had to dismantle the bunch.
A new foal arrived in all of this yesterday morning as well.
I have spent the last few days washing clothes and sorting out stuff I may or may not want. This morning I washed floors, I have had so little time to do any house work over the last while and today, although it is damp and grey outside I am afraid my clothes dryer, the fire and anything else I can dry things on are working overtime.
I have been in between that sorting through some photos, and John has been working on my mothers family tree, mostly as we had no idea of my grandmothers maiden name and one thing has led onto another.
There will be lots more stuff to go through that I have had in my shed for several years, but I will wait until the weather is better and get children over to help.
She wont be forgotten!


ArtPropelled said...

What a day for a new foal to arrive! You will have to name it Storm or May, short for Mayhem.

Robin Mac said...

I hope that you at least got some good rain from all that mayhem. You have a tough few weeks ahead of you Penny, but hang in there, there will be lots of laughs and good memories as well. Cheers, Robin

virginia said...

In Damascus it is 48° and G. has to go there soon! Here it's the most wonderful late summer or Indian summer weather. Blue, blue skies and all the birds are eating my sunflowers!

Lots of love, also to John


Wanda..... said...

Life goes on with it's mayhem, distractions and memories of loved ones for all of us. Thinking of you spring as we go into autumn here!

shirley said...

The weather down there and in Victoria has created a lot of havoc. We had only nice steady rain to fill the tanks and there is even more water in the dam.

Keep hanging in there.

Michael said...

Weather has been crazy in Sweden the last year. Extrem temperatures fr 25 below zero in winter to 30-35 + in summer. Meters of snow, storms and floods of rain. For now we have a rather nice autumn but a bit too early. I hope the little foal will cope!- one life gone a new one come - Take care! love fr Ingrid