Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Giveaway, frogs and ponies.

I have been meaning to organise a giveaway for ages so finally here it is. It is my Birthday on the 4th of October so any comments made on either this blog or my other one here up to and including that day will go into the draw.
Depending on how many I get I may split the prize, and may add some more as the time goes on.
Yesterday I went to pot up a couple of plants and when i opened the bag this little fellow was inside. I think he is the one who goes ker plog in the dams and is called a banjo frog but I could be wrong. I let him go in and around my damp pots where I hope he will be alright.
Last night I had to walk down and look at the pregnant mares, a walk my knee didnt much appreciate but I took these photos, long shadows and it is getting just a bit warmer.
We went over to Tabby and John's this morning and sat outside in the sun to have a cup of tea. Lovely.
Well back outside to pull some more weeds.


Julie said...

Oh, what I would give to live in that countryside! Just gorgeous!!!

ArtPropelled said...

I was thinking the same thing as Julie. To live on a beautiful farm with horses, huge open spaces .... the sea nearby.... and dams where frogs go ker plog..... bliss!

Robin Mac said...

Love the frog Penny, hope your knee holds out. The paddocks are looking lovely and green. Cheers, Robin

Doreen G said...

The countryside sure does look green Penny and it is just the same here at present but it won't take long before it is yellow again.

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful walk, Penny. My grandson's birthday is the 3rd, he will be 19.

Whoever wins your prize, will certainly love what they receive, Penny!

annie said...

Lovely landscapes, Penny, and so glad for your rains-- if only the water would last longer... And I just adore that frog. Do be careful of the knees and here's hoping they get less painful so you can continue with your pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful greenery your way Penny. Things here are starting to turn to rusts, yellows and browns as fall sets in here in Canada.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Penny
Thanks for following. I was so close to your property last week when I went back to visit Dad in
Eden Hills - we went to Noarlunga etc. Your property looks gorgeous.
We also live on 8 acres and have a wetland below our house where heaps of frogs live. Really hope you have a great birthday.
Hugs Suzy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for monday Penny!
Love to visit your part of the world again...looking do green just now...

best wishes for a very happy day!