Friday, September 24, 2010

Another bit of play

Not as interesting as the last one, I had already sewn the middle bit onto the khadi paper so had to fit things around it.
I have been a bit slow this week, we havent had time for walking and I have been weeding the garden, doing as much as I can before the back gives out, I do have one garden bed looking a lot better but many more to come. I think I have done well if I get three or four wheelbarrows full done.
I did the weeks shopping today. I went at a different time and I found it interesting that now the nominations are out for the forth coming Council elections people wanted to stop and talk, mostly about who had nominated! There are a few quite elderly ones who perhaps should have had a rethink, four years is a long time.
Sarah has been moving ponies around, I now have to walk out to check on mares etc. I will have to remember to take my walking stick with me.
I keep sneaking back to my book, a who dun it, I like the Inspector Banks ones, and his descriptions of the Yorkshire area. I am sad the the Rebus series have stopped as I liked the descriptions of scenes around Edinburgh too.
I found an egg in with my very old hen that the fox hadnt got while doing the feeds this evening, perhaps she is going to give me a few more now her fright is over.


ArtPropelled said...

I've also been gardening which is most unlike me. Another lovely collage Penny.

Wanda..... said...

Everything you create is interesting, Penny!

Julie said...

This playful stitching is so great, too, Penny! Are those beads I see sewn in as well???