Sunday, September 19, 2010

My work room this morning

You cant see it terribly well but these are the views from my workroom, wet and damp outside the window and I have to say a mess inside!
I loved the outside in view, so the first two are from my no 2 workroom (aka the spare bedroom, help! I have people coming to stay and will have to clear all of this out soon!)
The third is of the froth of plum blossom I can see out of the bedroom window.
I would clean those windows but the honey eater is nesting out there again, it is going to be a good season, 2 nestings so far, and also it just keeps on raining and drizzling.
Good for weeds especially the ones I was going to pull out this morning but now cant.


annie said...

I say it looks constructive, productive, happy and cozy, and that's the way it should look. I hope your legs and hips and back are okay to pull weeds? Without hurting them further?

Wanda..... said...

You can pull those weeds another day, Penny. You have nice size windows to view outside while working. Enjoy the plum blossoms.

Julie said...

What lovely views~~~

shirley said...

I love the look of your workroom it reminds me of mine.

One of the rabbits has taken a liking to an area of weed in the garden so she can stay.