Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Botanic Gardens and Mail!

Just a few more photos of the Botanic Gardens, the giant Amazon Lily has been moved into a new house which I hadnt seen before.
Oh the first photo, that is the rill in the Mediterranean Garden, children love floating leaves down this but the ones I talked to didnt seem to know about Pooh Sticks, what a shame, the delight of our lives when we were children.
The new but now I realise not so new glass house, a striking design and the trees inside are huge.
Yesterday in the mail came these two things I had ordered, Angie Hughes new DVD on what she does with cotton velvet, a really good, very clear and informative dvd put out by Colouricious.
I hope to see Angie and what her class does at Geelong on the 1st of October when I go down there for a day and a night.
Then Cas Homes book, I will be doing her workshop at Ballarat next year, this has lots of ideas and I love it.
So a few excitements in the offing and 2 nights away in Victoria, a rushed trip but I didnt know where I had a bed so I decided to go for the quick option. Pity John couldnt come, it is my Birthday week end, but I will be home for the actual birthday and we will do something nice.
Money is tight at the moment so even a picnic, if it would ever stop drizzling would be lovely.
NO I must say anything nasty about the rain, I will be moaning soon enough about the lack of it, but the odd day of blue sky would be lovely, just to enjoy the spring blossom in the orchard at the moment. If I walk in the orchard one tends to sink up to ones ankles!

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Robin Mac said...

It all sounds very exciting Penny. YOu are lucky youare only having drizzle - we had 200mm rain yesterday morning in about 3 hours!!! I believe la nina is really setting up so we are to be in for a very wet summer. I wish we could order the rain in moderation. Cheeers, Robin