Sunday, September 19, 2010

Native Orchid Show, Adelaide and Botanic Gardens

A few photos from yesterday.
First a wonderful display of Native dendrobiums, most of these would be bred hybrids, they are not as spectacular as this in the wild and they generally have a very strong perfume.
The show was a delight.
From there we went to the Art Gallery in the center of Adelaide and this is the streetscape on Saturday late morning on North Terrace showing some of the lovely old buildings.
From there we went to the Botanic Gardens, also almost in the center of the city just down North Terrace a bit more towards the hills in search of this plant and flower.
It is a Gymea Lily and this one has its flowers much further advanced than ours so we are waiting impatiently to see it fully out, the spike is about 10 feet tall.
Then the very old red gum that I spoke about yesterday, all that was left of its trunk. If you click on the photo you may be able to read what it says.
Just to show how close to the city our gardens are. I love going there, I will show more photos tomorrow. No leaves on the trees yet but some of the borders are beginning to show some colour.
It shows that we are still having a cold and damp September.

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