Saturday, September 18, 2010

ARt Gallery of South Australia Rupert Bunny Exhibition

For some reason my camera does not want to download photos so I am waiting until tomorrow as the internet at the moment is terribly slow.
I had a couple of not so good days but today was lovely.
We set off early and after a trip to the farmers market we headed for the Native Orchid Association of South Australia's show and I bought some plants and we picked up some potting bark.
There was a wonderful display and I do have photos but well I hope tomorrow.
From there we went into Adelaide and down to the Art Gallery where we saw the Bunny exhibition. He was born in 1864 and died in 1947 but lived in Europe, mostly Paris for a large part of his life.
There were several stages of his paintings on show, some I love, some not so much.
I think his portraits are outstanding and I wish I had the book, I will buy it later when I have some money, but there were two or three I thought were fantastic. The way he painted flesh on his nudes was terrific and his ability to move things into the background in some were wonderful.
I dont think his landscapes were much and I didnt like a lot of his very idealistic stuff but these ones I have put up were among the ones I liked. His portraits of his wife, the second two were wonderful, the part painting shown of the nude was incredible, this as was the first photo were taken from the Gallery brochure, the first reminded me very much of Paul Loti whose house we visited in Rochefort a few years ago, very different and I am not sure his best work when seen en masse, this was the best. The last photo was of Dame Nellie Melba, the detail of the dress was exquisite.
I spent ages going back and forth, I have seen a lot of his work as several regional galleries have at least one of his paintings, I think he must have been very prolific. On the whole I love some, like others, not so keen on a few.
There was also an interesting exhibition of prints and etchings but I will go into them later on, It was equally interesting and I came home feeling good, I wonder if the St Johns Wort pills I am taking are having an affect!
From there John had booked a table at the gallery restaurant and we had a lovely light meal and I had a glass of bubbles. a little worried as I had had a tummy upset two nights ago but all was well.
From there we went along to the Botanic Gardens and had a lovely time wandering amongst the brides (Saturday afternoon!) and looked to see how their Gymea Lillies were flowering. Ours is not as advanced at theirs. Too cold I would imagine.
Last year September was Hot, this year it is cold and gloomy, we came home to more rain!
Tomorrow I will show I hope a few of the many photos I took .


Wanda..... said...

The portraits are lovely, Penny. Looking forward to the other photos! Hope you continue to feel well.

ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like a most enjoyable day. Great paintings too.