Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today Rivington in our ownership is 100 years old

I should be doing all sorts of things about the centenary, but I havent felt awfully well so I will talk more about that tomorrow.
First a photo of the jacket I am knitting, so far so good. It has sleeves to the elbow and one button, probably by the time I finish it it will have gone out of fashion. I think I am going to modify it a bit.
Then Oscar who I collected from the cattery today, he was so pleased to be home, not that he minds the cattery but home is home, and he got fish to night!
Then how green the valley looks at the moment, a lot of growth since we left and it drizzled again for most of the day. What we want is a good down pour but any rain is received with thanks. It was pretty cold today too, only 9 degrees at 11 am.
Still some autumn colour in the garden, the smoke bush looks good and I cant get over how stuff recovers, it is either dead or looking good.
Finally a photo I took in Pt Pirie while we ate lunch, a bit of the end of the harbor and the Flinders Ranges in the background.
John has a wretched cold so perhaps me not feeling well is in sympathy, I dont usually get colds.

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bunks said...

I'm always amazed at how similar your cat is to mine both the one that went missing and his brother who is still with us.

Lovely photos, I hope you're both feeling better shortly.