Monday, May 18, 2009

Coffin Bay days

Yesterday I couldnt get any script up, so I will see if I can do better today and get both script and photo up.
This tiny little computer is a bit tricky and I am finding I have to use 2 fingers very carefully or I hit something and it disappears.
We are having a very pleasant and quiet time, Mary is getting over a cold and we are both recovering from the trip over.
We were invited to the opening of a travelling suitcase exhibition of the local spinners. A great idea and sponsored by the Country Arts Trust. Caught up with all the locals in one go.
Lots of fish and squid being caught and consumed, the fire is going, it has been pretty damp and rainy since we arrived but I have walked every day, not far but enough and I have finished the little jumper for Mason, just need some buttons, repaired some jewellery and started on the beaded pin I have been asked to make.

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