Monday, May 11, 2009

Millie's jumper and Saturday walk

Yesterday was mothers day, I heard from 3 out of my 4 so that wasnt too bad I guess. John and I went for lunch at the Flying Fish at Pt Elliott and had a lovely meal and an even nicer O'leary Walker bubbly with it.
I had finished this little jumper for Millie and took it over before we went to lunch. It will then go on to Mason, hence the colour.
We went from dark rain clouds to sun on our walk around the base of the Bluff on Saturday, the sea was incredible colours at times. Rain over behind Victor and the road around the base of the Bluff interesting to walk on.
I never tire of the views around this lovely part of our world.
Today I am baking biscuits to take away with us when we go to Coffin Bay, catching up on some washing, as the sun is finally out, its lovely outside and I did venture out only to find that John has lit the heap of rubbish so there is smoke every where.

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bunks said...

The light on the rocks is fabulous.