Monday, May 25, 2009

Birds and flowers

This area is full of birds of all descriptions, mostly sea birds and they sit on all available structures, These cormorants looked rather as if they were waiting to be sent off fishing.
The clouds have been incredible.
We have seen quite a few emus but I have been too slow with the camera.
D'Arry came back yesterday with a huge snapper so he was pleased. John thought about 10 kilos, no one else caught anything.
The wonderful flowering shrub is a Templotonia or cockys beak, comes in various colours of red and orange. They are all over the National park and are just coming into flower. I imagine when they are all in flower they would be magnificent.
Our last day here so no blogging until I get home. Packing up to day as we hope to get off early tomorrow.
Too short a time as usual.

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