Saturday, May 09, 2009

Birds were every where

We went walking this morning, along to the Bluff jetty and there seemed to be birds of all sorts around so I took photos. I dont know what this young oyster catcher thought he was doing but he was walking, then a cormorant was very busy diving after fish, I had a lot of trouble getting his photo.
Next there was a Pacific Gull on a high rock looking at the sea, a silver gull on a rock, and finally a blue crane wandering amongst the rocks looking for a feed.
I was in Adelaide on Friday seeing my mother and today apart from the walk and going to the market I have spent most of the day filling in forms to register the foals. Seems a never ending task.
We go to Coffin Bay for 10 days or so on Friday so I have to get a lot done between now and then.

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