Saturday, May 23, 2009

In Coffin Bay National Park

Four of us went out into the park this morning to a place called
golden Island
beach and while the others walked miles my aching knees only allowed so much so I took photos, beach combed and did some tiny paintings in the really good little sketchbook I bought at Dick Blick in San Francisco.
These are some of the photos I took, the sandhills showing in the back ground of this magnificent beach and the rocks and islands showing right at the end.
We went back for soup and tea at one of the girls lovely shack and then up to the spinning and knitting groups get together, they are a great group and always interested in what I have to tell them.
Home to prepare for the 13 for dinner, scrounging tables and chairs and extra cutlery.
We had corned beef and mustard sauce with vegetables and quinces baked slowly in the oven with cream and or icecream. Oh and we started with smoked fish and oysters, olives and smoked salmon on cream cheese and biscuits.
Mary is a magnificent cook.
I set the table and collected the flowers and scrubbed the quinces, stirred the sauce and served up!


annie said...

I do love your photos of the sea and have enjoyed each of these posts.

bunks said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous I'm so glad you're having a good time.

Robin Mac said...

Penny, I am drooling, your dinner sounds scrumptious, I love quinces. The photos of the sea are great too. Cheers, Robin