Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ships and cat

I notice that I have made spelling mistakes in my last two captions! Sorry but this keyboard is tiny and difficult to see.
I made the cat for a bit of fun. The bird was supposed to be his head but was far too big so became a bird. Great fun to do when you have no pattern and just wing it. All had sewing, shows whar I can do if I try.
We walked along the oyster walk yesterday to have a coffee, about a half hour walk there from where we are staying and gorgeous, all alomg the edge of the bay. There were lots of boats in the bay and around the wharf area, both pleasure boats and fishing. I would show lots more but this little computer times out if I try to load more.
I must go down and take photos of the oyster boats but they are always in a hurry, it is a huge industry here with very clean and pristine waters and the oysters are magnificent.

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bunks said...

Very nice, I can hear the birds.

The cat is cute and he has his own bird, hmmm...dinner?