Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alice's postcard and photos of home

A mixed bag today, the first is a post card from Alice in America.
Then John on his way to move on some parrots who eat all the feed we put out for the calves and making sure the heap he decided to burn wasnt getting away from him, it didnt but last time it did.
The peacocks who are in their winter gear, the males have lost their tails were quite disgusted about the state of affairs and walked off in a huff.
Then some of the biscuits I made yesterday. Mocha creams in the front and hazelnut and chocolate chip biscotti at the back with some lovely late pears off our daughters tree.
Finally and I have no idea if these are in the order I put them up, the lovely cattleya orchid which is flowering in the sun room and sending its quite strong perfume through the house.
I have dusted mopped and vacuumed so the house is sort of clean and my back is aching.
We go to Adelaide tomorrow.


bunks said...

One one "yummy".

bunks said...

Lol, make that "One word"