Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last days at Coffin Bay

The first photo is of sunrise, not sunset as we were leaving on Tuesday.
Then D'Arry with his huge snapper, we think about 10 kilos.
Pelican on George's boat ramp, they really are huge and magnificent.
A bit of the cliff at Golden Beach which I thought had lots of texture and finally a rather fuzzy photo of the lovely mallee ring neck parrots that sometimes came and sat on the railing of the deck, but this one was on a rock by the road.
We had a long about 8 hour drive yesterday, the first 4 hours into the sun which was a pain, and then down to get to the post office just before it shut.
Lots of unloading and unpacking.
Today I have unpacked and put away everything and washed and washed.
I had to get some shopping done so called in to see Miss Millie and Mason who were both out with their mothers at Tabby's. I took Gaby home.
Lovely to see the two babies and Millie loves Mason to death, I am not sure he quite enjoys here advances but they are really sweet and where was my camera? Home dammit.


annie said...

Thanks, again, for sharing your trips and daily life with us, Penny.They really get my days off to a great start. Wonderful photos as always.

PS-- so funny. The verification word, today, is GWAMPE when I am weally a GWAMMA.

Anonymous said...

Huge fish, it must have been a real thrill to land that one. Many dinners off it for sure.