Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pelicans and a dusty sunset

There are lots of pelicans around. I love watching these huge birds fly and come in to land, like aircraft but never seem to be ni the right place to catch them so ones in the water will have to do, although they dont look as big or as spectacular.
Yesterday was very warm for this time of the year and also very windy which blew up a lot of dust so the sunset last night was spectacular, couldnt resist a photo again!.
John took me off to farm that is not far away that has opened a small cafe to have pancackes and cofee and look at the antiques they have. As well as that they sell fresh pork from their black pigs so are doing reasonably well in an area that can be hard to make a living from the land.
As it was so windy the boat didnt go out.
I spent a lot of the day trying to fix the muddle I had made on my knitted band of the jacket I am doing, for some reason I always have problems with moss stitch.

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bunks said...

That is a gorgeous sunset thanks for sharing.