Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This morning and what the post bought

I went over to Pt Elliott this morning and Gaby and I took Mason along to the Flying Fish for a coffee and then we walked back along the very pretty coastal walk, getting quite warm while we did so. So there is a photo of the sea taken from the path above the beach, Mason blocking all the area where we had coffee, perhaps I should have had the purple ladies in their red hats in the back ground! They were there for morning tea and couldnt even remember the rhyme that goes "when I grow old I shall wear purple with a red hat..."
Oh and the photo of the glory vine, it is on the pergola and is absolutely glowing at the moment, this was taken from beneath.
Then my two post card that were in the mail box this morning, a glorious one of purple hearts by Christina and Darlene's absolutely stunning one which doesnt really show how lovely it is. I must go back and re read how she did this one.
After this mornings lovely walk it is now trying to rain again, not that I mind, the more the better, our creeks are still not running.

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Doreen G said...

We have finally got some green countryside here Penny.