Monday, October 22, 2007

What is this? and painted washers

I have these photos in the wrong order, oh well. I have been playing with a new blog look and lost my things that said what I belonged too, I may never get them back, I think I am getting less computer savvy than ever.
Back to the photos, These are the washers that I have been painting, they are not finished yet but I had to find the Utee and stuff and then ran out of day, also it is raining, YES RAINING! so I couldnt get outside to do them.
the other is a photo of something I picked up in a box of odds and ends and have no idea what it is, if any one knows I would love to be told, the bent over bit at the top has a small hole in it, I wondered if it was for hooked rugs but doesnt have a hook, the silver bit at the bottom comes off and you cant see the metal bar that runs down the wooden handle, it has holes in it. Says made in england on the metal bar.


Feltique said...

I think you may be right. It is a rug hook thingy. I have a couple of these in stuff from my Nan.

Sandy said...

I think it might be for doing rugs. Not a latch hook, but the ones that the yarn is punched through the back to make loops on the front. SAndy

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Penny, I am very curious as to what you will create with the colored metal washers.
Is the end of the tool hollow, would a strand of thread fit through it?

Debbi Baker said...

Love your painted washers Penny! I'll be trying that too!!