Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Painted fabric

I am aching in my joints today so I opted for a bit of easy stuff, which wasnt really as easy as I thought. I decided that some of the cloth I had dyed with the dylon dyes was not very strong so got them out and cut them up and on the one with hearts on it stamped the hearts on using the pebeo shimmer paints and on the others I wet them and then added drops of dyna flow paint and screwed them up before heat setting them. I dont know why I dont get the colours I want, I think I will have to get out the proper dyes and have a go at that.
Oh and my finished Painted metal washers are in my boots and sketchbook blog which is in the links.
I am also trying to get some stuff done for Christmas but they are surprises so I cant do anything with them yet.
Not sure what I will use this fabric for.
I stupidly did a long walk this morning and have paid for it all day.

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verobirdie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I like your idea with washer, I should try it too!