Thursday, October 18, 2007

In my garden

I thought I should take a few photos of the garden while I still have one. The top one is the Rhododendron that Paddy gave me a few years ago and is still in a pot but its roots are through to the ground, I am terrified I will lose it. the next is a gorgeous hanging pot of pansies and the third is of the guelder rose and climbing peace on the far side of the walled garden.
Today it is blowing a gale, dry and hot winds are just sucking all the moisture out of the soil, very depressing, so I am cleaning the house, not sure why except it is the only day I have to do it, but the dust will be back with a vengeance and there is no rain in sight.


Anonymous said...

I have to say its the best rodedandhran I have seen Love paddy

Doreen G said...

Your garden is lovely Penny and a credit to you under the conditions that we are having.
I don't have a garden to speak of anymore.
We have native trees and wood chip as a cover.
We have lost another tree this year our backyard is starting to look like a desert --no lawn but plenty of those yellow flower weeds that seem to be able to survive.
It is heartbreaking to see it.

Sequana said...

I found your blog last year when you were talking about all the water troubles there. That was the first I had even heard of it up here in Chicago. It's almost heartbreaking to read. And here you go again, just when you should be having a lovely spring and summer.

teri springer said...

Penny- to save the rhodie, cut or break the pot away from it, then dig up and transplant. It is beautiful and I would save washwater just for that one plant.