Saturday, October 06, 2007

The garden and new foal

These photos were taken this morning, I dived in to get the camera and then the sun went so not as good as I had hoped. The geraniums are looking terrific at the moment and I love the contrast with the grey leafed succulent, actually I am really fond of that succulent as it has nice pink flowers and doesnt seem to be affected by frost.
We are still thinking of a name for the new foal, I rather like Errand Boy but I guess the girls wont.
Very tired and achy today, had an awful night with an aching hip, and it has been cold and a little bit damp so perhaps that is the problem. Hardly any rain, just enough to tantalise and not enough to measure.
I have managed to get all 14 hearts onto the quilt and it is all pinned, now for the scary part, trying to quilt it without making a mess.
I have resorted to the op shops for books as they are so expensive to buy, only problem is the choice is a bit limited. More lust than anything I think.

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